AppGameKit 2019.08.01 released!
there's a brand new build of AppGameKit available. It's a small maintenance build with some important updates!
AppGameKit Visual Editor update
We have a special treat for Windows users with an update to the AppGameKit Visual Editor which focuses on a number of fixes related to stability issues that some Windows OS users were having. 
AppGameKit 2018.12.12 Released!

Today we have a final new release of AppGameKit that brings some cool new additional features and a bunch of fixes. Here are all the details of this final build of 2018:


AppGameKit Giant Asset Pack 1 Updated

AppGameKit Giant Asset Pack 1 is updated today with over 150 new graphic sprites!

Here's what's new:

AppGameKit Sound Library Christmas Update!

Today we've added 30 new sounds to the AppGameKit Sound Library DLC!

There's a Christmas theme to this update, from Santa's sleigh to charming Christmas bells. We hope you can find some great uses with these sounds in your projects! Here's the full list of new sounds: