The natural successor to AppGameKit!

Everything you need to take your idea from concept to finished game

We’ve re-imagined the game development user interface with an all-in-one work space

Drag & drop assets to visualise your scenes
Code with AppGameKit Script
Easily browse app media assets
Run live debugging sessions
Access online help
And lots more!
AppGameKit is a fully featured game development tool - make your own unique creations
With AppGameKit Studio powering your games and apps you’ll be first off the blocks
AppGameKit Studio makes adding special effects and gorgeous graphics easy
AppGameKit Studio allows you in a few easy clicks to quickly publish your games to Steam, iOS, Android and a host of other places!
Get your apps and games in front of millions of potential players and make yours the next big hit!
You've found the right tool — Now start making games!


Designed and built from the ground up to fully support the AppGameKit Script language. Edit multiple projects at any one time and set the layout that suits your workflow
Powerful editing tools help you code fast and efficiently such as auto complete command help to the handy sandbox mode where you can quickly try out code tests
With a fast development and testing environment, you can code your apps once and then compile them almost instantly for testing on desktop or broadcast over wifi to your mobile devices
Help is always at hand with the new integrated help window. The integrated search makes it a cinch to find the advice you need from the hundreds of documented commands. You can even drag & drop commands from help directly into your source code space
Easily find and fix bugs by using the new live debugging features and the extensive watch list support
Asset Browser
Visualise and manage your media assets with the asset browser window. View media such as images, 3D models and text files and listen to sound and music files
Deeper shader integration with editing and testing of shaders within the editor. OpenGL shaders and Vulkan shaders are fully supported
A new Vulkan rendering graphics engine will bring improved speed performance to your apps and will bring improved speed performance, modernisation and future proofing to your apps.
Multi Platform
Develop your apps on PC or Mac devices and then export them to run on PC, Mac, iOS and Android platforms (Linux support to follow shortly after release!)
Scene Editor
(In Development)
With an integrated Scene Editor, it’s a cinch to drag & drop 2D assets to build up and visualise the scenes in your app. It takes the guess work out of coding and shows you instantly a true representation of how your app will look across multiple device resolutions

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Pre-orders of AppGameKit Studio will receive non-steam alpha versions on a regular basis until June. When AppGameKit Studio launches in June Steam users will be allocated a Steam key and non-steam users will receive a release version for download.