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The AppGameKit solves many problems caused by mobile device fragmentation. With it you can code your game once and then deploy your game to multiple platforms. Different resolutions and input systems are all handled by AppGameKit.

AppGameKit starfield demo code running on iOS (Apple iPad)

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Easy to Use

With its own BASIC script language AppGameKit makes it a cinch to code your games. Game designers, artists and many more budding game makers can start creating their own apps.

AppGameKit Magic

Look no wires! Compile your BASIC games in the IDE, then transmit them over your WiFi to multiple devices for instant testing. Creating games with this new cross-development model will result in your productivity increasing significantly as you instantly target multiple platforms.

Go Native

At the heart of AppGameKit is a set of commands that control all aspects of a game - the game's sprites, sounds, physics, collisions and so on. By using these supplied functions you can code games with industry standard C++ using familiar IDEs such as Visual Studio, XCODE and QT.

Sell to multiple Stores

Earn revenue from your creations by publishing to multiple stores using our step by step guides, and benefit from multiple revenue streams and immediate cross-promotion. Maximise your chance of success, sell your apps everywhere!