Beginners - It’s easy to learn and use

With AppGameKit Classic you will learn the building blocks of coding, and quickly be able to create and style your first game or app from scratch.

The code below is an example of how easy it is to get started.

SetVirtualResolution(540, 306)

bgImage = LoadImage("background.jpg")
bgSprite = CreateSprite(bgImage)

balloon = CreateSprite(0)
SetSpritePosition(balloon, 130, 200)

animImages as integer[5]
for i=0 to 4
animImages[i] = LoadImage("item" + str(i) + ".png")
AddSpriteAnimationFrame(balloon, animImages[i])
next i

PlaySprite ( balloon, 10, 1, 1, 5 )


Indies - Quickly code and share cross platform

With AppGameKit Classic’s low cost and pay once model, you can easily afford to start developing with your games and apps. The engine has commands that deal with all aspects of 2D and 3D game development allowing you to more easily code your game ideas.

Hobbyists - Have your games and apps up and running quickly

You like to be creative but maybe your free time is limited? AppGameKit Classic deals with all the complex platform specific issues, so that you can create results quickly and easily. New and old coders will soon have their own ideas up and running.

AppGameKit Classic for Education is FREE

Teach coding logically and quickly, with expert guides and tutorials

Whether you already run games development courses or are thinking of adding them to your curriculum, we'd like to introduce you to the proven educational advantages of using AppGameKit Classic in the classroom.

Many Schools, Colleges, Universities and other teaching establishments around the world are already using AppGameKit Classic to teach basic and advanced coding.

AppGameKit Classic gives you a FREE easy to use tool that allows you to teach coding skills that can be deployed quickly and easily in the classroom. It works across a range of abilities so is suitable for primary and secondary schools, sixth formers, colleges, universities, after school clubs and summer camps.

  • AppGameKit is a valuable tool for teaching games programming to students who need more than a "drag and drop" environment. We use it for our National Certificate Computer Games Development students and it more than meets the needs of the curriculum. It is easy to use and provides a great environment for developing simple games with the added opportunity for students to explore further and create quite complex games in their own time.

    As a lecturer I like it because it uses standard programming constructs and techniques which are transferable to the more complex languages we use in advanced courses, preparing students well for the next stage in their learning.

    Mark McPhee (Curriculum Manager Computer Games, Animation and Web Development)
    Fife College, Fife, Scotland
  • AppGameKit is a fantastic tool to use in the classroom to get students coding fast and producing professional looking games & apps quickly. The way the software handles sprites and graphics in general, and the simple user interface, allows students to pick up the basics quickly and keep them engaged whilst learning.

    Any programming language that keeps the students attention and produces results this fast has to be a winner, and is invaluable in getting future programmers hooked on the Computer Science bug.

    Darren O’Connor Head of Computing
    Poynton High School, Stockport, England
  • As the creator of Irelands first ever graduate level computer games course I’ve experienced many and varied tools for the creation of both 2D and 3D computer games. I believe that using 2D tools that have a strong programming element assists greatly in the teaching of computer programming skills to novices and those looking to understand the concepts behind how games work.

    This academic year (2016/17) I adopted AppGameKit as the tool of choice for our Edexcel Level III “Computer Games Development” unit. I’m so glad I did! While I can’t comment just yet on the 3D aspects, I can applaud “The Game Creators” for the package they have put together. It is immediately obvious that much thought has gone into the application, and that the computer game development knowledge of the developers is extremely high.

    Based on my own experience of the computer games industry and of working with students for many years, I can testify that AppGameKit is a perfect tool for both my students and for the requirements of the qualification awarding body. I have no reservations with endorsing it as a perfect tool for the education sector who are serious about teaching computer game programming.

    Robbie Hegarty Lecturer
    North West Regional College, Northern Ireland
  • As part of the student’s studies at our college, they are asked to design/develop a suitable game of their own choice. After examining various other gaming development platforms, we have found that AppGameKit is the perfect tool for our teaching and builds upon their software development skills that have been gained within their studies. We feel that AppGameKit is the easier gaming development environment and our students are able to create high quality games.

    AppGameKit is a fantastic programming tool that fits the needs of our curriculum perfectly.

    Neil Griffiths IT Lecturer
    Gower College, Swansea, Wales

Download AppGameKit FREE for your classroom

Raspberry Pi - Download AppGameKit for Raspberry Pi FREE

AppGameKit provides a fast and reliable gaming engine, allowing you to simply code your games in the AppGameKit for Raspberry Pi IDE.

Create games using AppGameKit's same powerful & easy to code syntax, combined with additional features for the Raspberry Pi such as reading & writing to the digital GPIO pins.

Develop your app on any version of Raspberry Pi, then distribute your app with full support for Raspberry Pi 1, 2, 3 and Zero.

Broadcast apps from Raspberry Pi to Android and iOS devices using the AppGameKit player app available on the Google Play or Apple AppStore.*

* Exporting to APK or IPA is not available in AppGameKit for Pi due to incompatible SDKs

Download for Raspberry Pi