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Plus great tutorials and expert guides - all FREE

Whether you already run games development courses or are thinking of adding them to your curriculum, AppGameKit Classic is the perfect tool for teaching students of all ages how to make games and apps

The comprehensive Education Pack includes everything a teacher or lecturer could need, and is an easy to use tool that allows you to teach coding skills that can be deployed quickly and easily in the classroom. It works across a range of abilities, so is suitable for primary and secondary schools, sixth form colleges and colleges and universities.

The AppGameKit Education Pack comprises:

PLUS... the AppGameKit ‘Instructors Guide’, written specifically for teachers and tutors, enables you to easily develop courses and classes to teach programming and app development. The Instructors Guide also includes code exercises with commands, loops, variables, images and sprites, and all AppGameKit project source code and media is included, alongside the detailed PDF documentation.

And... 6 classic game tutorials!

Teachers can now help students learn about the gaming logic for:

Lunar Buggy
Mars Lander
Meteor Dash

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What about your Students and Homework?

To make it easier for your students to carry out their coding and programming studies at home all those who teach AppGameKit Classic in the classroom can offer their students a great discount on AppGameKit – so students can carry on learning at home and in their spare time.

You can offer your students a massive 75% off AppGameKit Classic and 60% off the full price of all these great DLCs:

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements needed to run AppGameKit on either Windows, Mac or Linux devices are:

Windows XP SP2 or better
Mac Mountain Lion 10.8 or better
Linux Ubuntu 14.04
Intel Celeron or better
1GB Ram of memory
Open GL 2.0 compatible graphics card
2GB available of hard drive space

VR is Windows only, requires a VR compatible PC and hardware.

Games Pack 1 is windows only.

Other requirements

AppGameKit free education licences are only available for schools, colleges, universities and other educational establishments
(for example: after school clubs, summer camps, etc).

You can choose a direct download version or Steam keys with your order

Many Schools, Colleges, Universities and other teaching establishments around the world are already using AppGameKit to teach basic and advanced coding...

We offer great discounts to Educational establishments on all our game making products

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AppGameKit Classic - the easy, quick and powerful programming solution for the classroom