Feature Comparison

Vulcan Rendering
OpenGL Rendering
Full Integrated Editor
Scene Editor DLC
Drag & Drop
Sandbox mode
Asset Browser
2D Sprites
Augmented Reality
Virtual Reality Classic DLC DLC
Sound & Music
Integrated help

Platforms Supported

iPhone and iPad
Android based devices
Raspberry Pi
AppGameKit features a blisteringly fast sprite engine with additional support for box 2D physics and tweening animation. Creating classic retro games is made easy with the extensive image and sprite command set.
The Augmented Reality commands combined with the 3D features of AppGameKit give you a powerful tool box to create AR applications. From apps that let you see furniture in your own home, to a Knight on top of Conway Castle to real world whack-a-mole games, users can let their imagination run wild with this exciting new technology.
The game engine provides an optimised and powerful 3D engine. Full shader support, height map terrain generation, shader, lighting and more. All popular 3D model formats are supported and new features such as shadows, 3D particles and PBR support are coming very soon.
Easy to use 3D physics are also available within AppGameKit. By incorporating the renowned Bullet Physics engine, anyone can now simulate simple rigid body shapes interacting to game scenes where fully animated characters can fall down realistically using ragdoll physics.
With just a few commands you can start to develop your own VR experiences. The AppGameKit VR add-on allows full development control for SteamVR supported head mounted displays, touch devices and Leap Motion hand tracking.
It’s a cinch to load and play sound effects and music scores inside your AppGameKit projects. High quality wav files can be played and it also supports compressed formats such as MP3 and Ogg.
TrueType and FreeType fonts are fully supported making it easy to load in your favourite style of text and create that cool look to fit your game or app. A whole host of text commands gives you full control of how your app looks to your users.