AppGameKit Studio 2022.09.26 update released!

Welcome to the quarterly update for AppGameKit Studio. This update focuses on a host of NEW commands!

AppGameKit Compiler

  • Projects can now have more than 256 Types defined in them


  • Added new text shader commands:
    • SetTextShader( int iTextIndex, int shaderID )
    • SetTextShaderConstantByName( int iTextIndex, string szName, float value1, float value2, float value3, float value4 )
    • SetTextShaderConstantArrayByName( int iTextIndex, string szName, int arrayIndex, float value1, float value2, float value3, float value4 )
    • SetTextShaderConstantDefault( int iTextIndex, string szName )


  • Fixed SetPhysicsInitiallyAwake ignoring the provided value and always using true

In-App Purchases

  • Added new In-App Purchase commands to deal with subscriptions with multiple plans and offers
    • InAppPurchaseRedeemOffer()
    • GetAppReceipt()
    • InAppPurchaseActivateWithPlan( int iID, string planToken )
    • GetInAppPurchaseSubNumPlans( int iID )
    • GetInAppPurchaseSubPlanNumPeriods( int iID, int planIndex )
    • GetInAppPurchaseSubPlanPrice( int iID, int planIndex, int periodIndex )
    • GetInAppPurchaseSubPlanDuration( int iID, int planIndex, int periodIndex )
    • GetInAppPurchaseSubPlanDurationUnit( int iID, int planIndex, int periodIndex )
    • GetInAppPurchaseSubPlanPaymentType( int iID, int planIndex, int periodIndex )
    • GetInAppPurchaseSubPlanTags( int iID, int planIndex )
    • GetInAppPurchaseSubPlanToken( int iID, int planIndex )


  • Updated MoltenVK library for iOS apps
  • Added GetAppReceipt() command on iOS to return the list of AppStore transactions


  • Fixed APK export with deep links for Android 12
  • Updated Android target API to 31 (Android 12)
  • Added commands to return the size and position of any display cutouts on Android
  • Added support for both Adaptive and Legacy icons in APK export
  • Added command to request the app be pinned on Android
  • Removed deprecated expansion file commands on Android
  • Fixed Android sometimes returning device width and height as 1 at start before returning the correct values
  • Padded short sounds on Android to 400ms to avoid popping and distortion

Screen Area

  • Added commands to return the safe area that avoids all cutouts on iOS and Android
    • GetDisplayNumCutouts()
    • GetDisplayCutoutTop( int index )
    • GetDisplayCutoutBottom( int index )
    • GetDisplayCutoutLeft( int index )
    • GetDisplayCutoutRight( int index )
    • GetScreenBoundsSafeTop()
    • GetScreenBoundsSafeBottom()
    • GetScreenBoundsSafeLeft()
    • GetScreenBoundsSafeRight()
    • IsPinAppAvailable()
    • PinApp( int enable )

Social & Adverts

  • Updated to the latest Snapchat SDK
  • Updated to the latest Chartboost SDK

Light & Dark Modes

  • Added command to check if the device is in dark theme mode
    • IsDarkTheme()


  • Fixed command name for GetFractalXYZ
  • Updated Firebase SDK on iOS and Android
  • Fixed very long Print() string (100,000+ characters) causing a crash
  • Fixed SetWindowSize on Windows not allowing windows bigger than the screen when allowOversize parameter is set to 1

Tier 2

  • Added new common code folder for Android Tier 2 apps to simplify updates
  • Android Tier 2 projects have a new structure that shares common files and external libraries to make them easier to add, remove, and update

As usual Steam owners of AppGameKit Studio will have the update ready for them. TheGameCreators customers can download the new version direct from our servers from their order history area of the TheGameCreators website