Plug-in Support now added to AppGameKit!

With this new release we are adding the ability for developers to create plug-in commands to the Tier 1 BASIC script language. Currently this is for Windows platform only but we hope to support Mac and Linux in the coming months once we know the Windows version is working well. This new feature will allow developers to create new plug-in commands that can bolt on to the main AppGameKit languge. We have supplied a simple plug-in example to illustrate to devs how the process works. 

Please note, due to the new DLL support on the Windows platform this version contains breaking changes. Bytecode compiled with older versions will not work with this version, and bytecode compiled with this version will not work with older players.

Here's a full list of the new features in this build;

Plug-ins for Windows Platform

  • Added the ability to load plugins on Windows apps with #import_plugin
  • Added an example project that demonstrates using a plugin
  • Currently plugins will not work when debugging via the AppGameKit IDE

Full details on how to create your own plug-ins can be found HERE.


  • Fixed a crash in the IDE if an open file was deleted outside the IDE and then closed without saving after double clicking it in the side bar

Text Objects

  • Fixed tab characters in a text object string causing inconsistent spacing when displayed

Windows App Sizes

  • Fixed SetWindowAllowResize on Windows causing the window title bar to change size, causing the window itself to change resolution


  • Fixed particles with rotation applied not being square when using the percentage based coordinate system

3D Physics

  • Fixed a crash in SetSpritePhysicsMass using a polygon shape with a very small value passed to SetPhysicsScale

In-App Purchases

  • Fixed InAppPurchaseRestore causing a crash on iOS

Virtual Buttons

  • Changed SetVirtualButtonSize so it can accept both an X and Y value
  • Increased the number of virtual buttons allowed to 100

iOS GameCenter

  • Fixed a crash in GetGameCenterPlayerID on iOS if the player ID is null

Mac Platform

  • Fixed SetWindowPosition on Mac using the bottom left corner of the screen as the origin, it will now use the top left corner to match other platforms


  • Fixed Android Tier 2 projects failing to compile

Help Files

  • Fixed help files missing some command parameters

AppGameKit Player

  • The AppGameKit Player no longer saves default images in the write folder during startup, default images are loaded from memory instead.


Want to know what's coming next? Check out the AppGameKit Roadmap plans here.