AppGameKit Shader Pack Released!

Today the new AppGameKit Shader Pack has been released with a 25% week one launch discount. This new DLC provides a cool set of graphical shader effects you can use in your AppGameKit projects.

The pack includes all these effects:

  • Specular
  • Self Illumination
  • Wireframe
  • Fur
  • Dissolve
  • Outline
  • Toon
  • X-Ray
  • See Through
  • Energy Shield
  • Water
  • God Rays

Full AppGameKit source code is supplied with a library of files that makes it easy for you to apply any of these shader individually or combined in any of your projects.

Demo projects are supplied to help you understand how the shaders are setup and applied to 3D objects. You are free to use the effects in any of your games and apps. 

AppGameKit Shader Pack is available on Steam or on The Game Creators website