AppGameKit - GameGuru Loader Physics Update!

The AppGameKit GameGuru Loader update has been released today with a HUGE list of new features. The main eye-candy is the support of physics events and reactions.

Here's a screen shot that shows a PBR drone model take from the Gameguru SciFi pack rendered using with a reflection probe with AppGameKit GameGuru Loader code:

Here's a full list of what we've added:

  • Reading of the physics flags from map.ele files and the use of the GameGuru setup for all physics
  • Mixed all PBR shaders into a single function getPBRshader(shaID,mobile,nolodsupport,cull,anim,alphaclip)
  • Removed all external PBR shader files, now using shader from a string
  • Removed physics from decals
  • Added physics shockwave explosion.
  • Converted all decal shaders to string based shaders
  • Enabled transparent from lua on decals "transparent75.lua"-"transparent50.lua", to control how transparent a decal is
  • Added a safe zone to cascade camera to stop more flicker
  • Introduced all desktop shaders into the same shader code PBR and nonPBR, select by if. To reuse shader code and make it easy to maintain
  • Moved terrain shader to string based shader. To reuse cascade shadow shader code
  • Moved vegetation shader to string based shader
  • Added contrast and brightness settings to vegetation shader
  • NPCs now die when too close to a explosion shockwave
  • New light commands that allow you to stick a dynamic light to a object, even if it moves, also work on NPC. The commands are:
    • addlight155-228-050-200-circle030.lua
    • addlight000-128-000-100-rnd030.lua
    • addlight000-128-000-100-noy.lua
    • addlight128-128-128-050.lua
    • asslightRRR-GGG-BBB-RANGE-COMMAND.lua values must be in the format using 3 digits for RED-GREEN-BLUE-RANGE.
    • circle030: will make a dynamic light that circle the object using radius 030
    • rnd030: will change the intensity randomly at speed 030, God for fire...
    • noy: will place the light in the exact center of the object.
  • Added more general/global light, to be able to better control contrast/brightness, gives way better overall visuals
  • Decreased skybox bloom trigger so it limits bloom after additional global light
  • Increased PBR ambient so non-PBR and PBR have the same amount
  • Added player jumping
  • New settings added: enablephysics,physicsIgnoreFoliage,explosionRange#,explosionStrength#,enablePlayerJumping,playerJumpHeight#
  • Added code to release gun from hand of NPC when they are dead. ( not on by default ) as we are missing a collisionmesh for the gun for now. Can still be used if you just want to be able to pickup NPC weapon/ammo
  • Added setting terrainPolygonReduction
  • Terrain polygon reduction, allows you to replace part of the terrain with planes, or just remove unused terrain(Automated)
  • Supersampling SSAA medium - set postprocessshaders = 4 (not for mobiles)
  • Supersampling SSAA high - set postprocessshaders = 5 (not for mobiles)

  • New setting "convertOldMediaToPBR"
  • Inactive ragdools are now converted to static objects when you don't need them anymore
  • Non ragdoll NPCs can now die from explosions
  • New setting: ragdollToStaticAfterSec = 20 // Convert dead ragdolls to static after this time, and your not nearby the object
  • Added Physics objects that have problems are now converted to static after some time where collision problems are not solved by bullet physics

And the fixes in this version are:

  • Fixed Crosshair was not restored when coming out of water
  • Fixed cascade shadow when using physics and gameguruscale# = 1
  • Fixed cascade shadows to fit gameguruscale# = 1
  • Fixed terrain LOD using gameguruscale#=1
  • Fixed: reflection probes, had problems in latest AGK version (SetCameraOffCenter act different)

Take a look at AppGameKit GameGuru Loader: