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AppGameKit Launches Unlimited Bundle

We are pleased to announce a new AppGameKit Unlimited Bundle for all AGK coders out there, designed to allow anyone who has already bought AppGameKit and some DLC to buy the remaining DLC's available at a discount of 25%! If you want to complete your AppGameKit suite, this new initiative by Steam allows you to pick up all the DLC’s you do not already have in your account.  The best part of this new type of Steam bundle, is that it applies its own discount in addition to the discount already present on the existing DLC products, making it one of the most cost-effective ways to get your hands on everything ever released for AppGameKit.

AppGameKit launches a free version for Raspberry Pi

The Game Creators today released a free version of AppGameKit for Raspberry Pi users. This significant key release adds a further dimension to the already successful development engine.

AppGameKit works on all versions of Raspberry Pi and users just need to register an account with The Game Creators and then it can be downloaded from here..

AppGameKit Live Twitch Today @ 4PM BST

For the next few weeks, Lee Bamber will be hosting a 30-minute session on moving your Tier 1 BASIC knowledge over to Tier 2 C++ know-how, and demonstrate this live so you can see how easy the process of becoming a C++ programmer can be. We're doing this to help anyone who has been thinking of doing this generally, but specifically, we have a project being ramped up which will pay any coder £500 to write a small educational app if they can deliver it quickly and to a set quality standard.

As this will be a live event, you are welcome to post your questions during the broadcast and Lee will be happy to answer them. For more information on the opportunity to help us create small educational apps, you can contact Rick Vanner directly at rick@thegamecreators.com

For those wishing to join in the live session, it's at 4PM BST today, which is Thursday 21st April 2016, and Lee will be sure to post the video once it has been uploaded to YouTube here: https://forum.thegamecreators.com/thread/216950

AppGameKit V2.0.18 Released!
Today we've released a brand new build of AppGameKit. This maintenance build fixes a range of issues reported to us by our fantastic community.
We've also updated the free trial to the latest version of AppGameKit.
Here's a breakdown the changes since the last version;
  • Fixed an error in the default shader when an object or mesh has an image in both texture stage 0 and 1
  • Assigning arrays using [1,2,3,4] with fewer values than its current size now shrinks the array
  • Fixed a crash when using CloneObject on an object containing index data
  • Fixed ChooseRawFile not returning the path to the file on Linux
  • Fixed Visual Studio 2015 template project trying to compile in 64-bit mode, which is not supported on Windows
  • Fixed Windows failing to set-up the window if multisampling is not supported
  • Fixed setup.agc file being ignored on Mac and Linux
  • Fixed GetHTTPResponseReady on Windows never returning 1 when using GetHTTPFile
  • Changed the ASC command to return unsigned values instead of signed values, only affects ASCII codes above 127
  • Fixed Android apps failing to resume if SetRenderToImage is used
  • Fixed SetObject3DPhysicsAngularVelocity not setting the angular velocity correctly
  • Android apps now clean up their audio objects when quitting
  • Fixed SetObjectScalePermanent not updating the collision object
  • Updated GoogleAdsSDK on iOS to 7.7.0 and improved interstitial loading
AppGameKit V2.0.17 Released!

Today we're releasing Version 2.0.17 to all AppGameKit owners. It's packed with exciting new features and stability improvements. We're sure you'll enjoy playing with the new features, from the new 3D height map terrain system to the support of the industry standard .fbx support. There's also support for new advert formats, local notifications and more flexible arrays. Here's the full breakdown of all the changes;

  • Added CreateObjectFromHeightMap to create terrain type objects from height maps
  • Added GetObjectHeightMapHeight to return the height of a terrain object at a specific point
  • Added 3D fog commands to gradually fade objects over distance, and to create atmospheric effects
  • Added SkyBox commands to draw a horizon and movable sun behind all other objects
  • Updated 3D format loader to the latest version which fixes many bugs and adds the FBX file format