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WRECK HAVOC as a Termite bent on Revenge for the destruction of his colony!

This game is a wood-CRUNCHING, acid-BLASTING, CHAINSAW-ROARING Action-Packed Adventure!!!

The Evil Billionaire Beetle has wiped out your Termite colony! Now, survivor "Teran Tyrmyte" (the Termite) seeks to get REVENGE!!!

MUNCH, CRUNCH, DEVOUR, and DESTROY Mr. Beetle's precious Mansion, piece by piece!!! Use Lethal ACID and Savage CHAINSAWS to BRING-DOWN-THE-HOUSE!!!!


Devour as much wood as you can from Mr. Beetle's Mansion, and use it to rebuild your Termite Colony's Termite Towers!... while destroying the mansion in the process. But BEWARE! This Beetle has sent out an army of Employees (Business-Bugs) to exterminate you with their Terrible Red-Ties!

The Mansion has 7 sections, each of which you must eat about 5000 wood blocks to destroy. Once all 7 are destroyed, YOU'RE REVENGE IS COMPLETE!...But how many Levels and Deaths will it take for YOU to do it?

This is only the 1st version, which I designed for simple, casual fun as a time spender. There is already a much better, more in-depth SEQUEL in the works, as well as other games soon to come, so stay tuned!