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"THIEF HUNTER" is an action mini game where you need reflexes and anticipation. Ideal for a quick game.

Gameplay explanation
- Charge and set a trap with enough anticipation to be triggered just when a thief pass over it.
- Recover the gold left in the ground, you need it to put more traps!
(The bar at the top of the screen shows how much gold you have)
- If a thief escapes... you lose.

Tips for winning
- If you charge the trap to the maximum, it will take longer to jump but will get much gold!
- If you charge it a little, the trap will trigger quickly so it is very easy to capture a thief but be careful! you won't get any gold! Use this method only when a thief is about to escape.
- When there are lots of thieves on screen, use a medium charge, it is easy to catch them and also you will get some gold.
- [BONUS] If you chain fully charged captures, you will get much more points!

At the end of the game
- Restart the game at normal speed, ideal for practice (middle button)
- Or restart the game with more thieves on screen, for those who already dominate the game (first button)