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Category: Puzzle
Availability: Released
The object of the game is to navigate to the finish, whilst passing over every block at least once. Some blocks can be passed over once, some twice, and some three times. If you stay on a block too long, it disappears and you'll lose a life!

The game has recently been updated to include the following new features:

Multiple improved control methods. (VPad, 'Click 2 Move' and Tilt)
Animated blocks.
Online scoreboards.

Windows - Available from our website soon!
Android - Available on the Play Store now!

For more information, check out our website:

Update log:
Pressing the back button will open/close the menu. (Swipe support still included)
No longer need to click a button to warp in VPad and tile mode. Pressing the screen is easier to do.
Click 2 move input added. (Click the screen, and the player will move there.)
Changed the VPad from an analogue, to a digital method for improved player response.
Slight UI improvements. (Rearranged some screen labels, added on-line scoreboard support, added 'click 2 move' support.)
Added particle effects to warp blocks.

Released onto Play Store.

***** Please know that originally this game was to raise money for the princes trust. We have now finished the Million Makers competition and are no longer fundraising for this charity. *****