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The Grand Chef is a puzzle game with the objective of being the best and most famous chef in the world. To become one, you must conquer the cuisine of 10 specific countries (Argentine, UK, Spain, India, China, Japan, Italy, France, United States and Mexico), and can prepare up to 200 dishes known worldwide.

You start the challenge in a restaurant with a star and little recognized. Slowly and to earn the trust of your customers, you will bring your restaurant a fifth star, allowing you to travel to another country and conquer a new cuisine.

The scullion have provided everything you need to add directly to the pot the indicated ingredients. To do this, you'll have a shelf with a lot of ingredients. You must mark (and if possible in chains) the ingredients as they are showed by your particular recipe. But keep in mind that the order of the ingredients is important, and customers can despair with the time. In addition, some ingredients can be spoiled or contain some ice (you must eliminate it).

Using good ingredients and controlling the time, you get to become The Great Chef.

* Conquer the cuisine of 10 countries.
* Prepare up to 200 different dishes.
* Look for the ingredients in the correct order.
* Create chains of ingredients for increase your points.