The Black Hole

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Category: Arcade
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Travel between the stars and battle an alien invasion from a black hole! Black Holes are used as a intergalactic tunnels by an aggressive alien race, determined to conquer the Earth and enslave the human race. Hold on to killer satellites, deadly spheres, asteroids and a terrible and huge bosses, under the ubiquitous influence of the black hole. Cross the energy barrier created by the enemies while avoiding the collision with their spaceships. Use 4 soft keys to rotate to the left and right your space shuttle, to enable the rockets and to fire the missiles. Attention to fuel efficiency when using rockets, if you run out you will be forced to wander under the gravitational influence the black hole at the mercy of your enemies.
If an enemy ship or missile hits you, you will go down into the black hole and inevitably explode into fireballs.
Each level consists of 5 stages, and the next level the enemies are more numerous and aggressive. Each type of enemy has a peculiar behavior and you have to find a way to address it.
Other features:
* Rich and engaging music
* Eye-catching graphics
* Realistic physics effects through integrated library Box2D AGK.
* Persistent high score. High score can be deleted, too, if your friend has been better than you!
Enjoy the game, and beware of the black hole!