Tetris + Scrabble = "LettersFall 110%™" (Open-Source!)

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Tetris + Scrabble = "LettersFall 110%™" (Open-Source!)

100% FREE

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- Absolutely 100% FREE With No Advertisements And No In-App Purchasing!
- Runs 100% on any Windows 7/8.x/10/11 64 Bit Desktop Or Laptop
- Game Is A Fun Word Spelling Game (Video Game Tetris Meets Board Game Scrabble)
- Beautiful Full Color And High Resolution Visual Graphics
- Awesome Multi-Chanel Digital Sound Effects
- Amazing Digital Music Soundtrack
- Easy To Play Touch Input Controls Or Type With Your Keyboard
- Three Amazing Game Modes For Child, Teenager, And Adult(Story & Never End)
- Saved High Score Table For Each Game Mode
- Completely Configurable Saved Game Options


Jesse "JeZxLee"
Team "www.FallenAngelSoftware.com"