Swiped Out 2

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Category: Arcade
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A match 3 game like no other, that keeps you on your toes.
As the screen fills with abundant goodies, you have to swipe 3 or more of the same object to remove them. We've got jelly beans, nuts, fruit, balloons, vegetables, planets and more.
- Fluid motion of objects
- Physics - gravity, bounce, bumping
- Screen tilt for game play enhancement
- Real time movements - no delays or hiccups
- 10 superbly rendered photographic backgrounds
- Real objects
- World Wide Leader Board
- Hours of continuous play
- High resolution
- Frantic or Zen modes
- Playable by any age
- Up to 10 lives
- Automatic game save
- Automatic High Score
- Great music
Mellow out and swipe these fast appearing objects to gain points and finish levels.
Choose between a constant steady pace (Casual Mode) or a faster pace to keep you awake (Frantic Mode).
Each level starts with 3 differing objects, making the game easy. You can swipe immediately, or wait until you have many similar objects. Swiping 3 or more will gain you points. Swiping 10 together will clear the board of all similar objects, giving you a points boost along the way. If you swipe 10 and have over 30 similar objects on the screen, you will receive an extra life.
It's that simple - or is it?
As levels progress, more object types appear and it gets harder to find 3 or more near each other. Tilt the screen to rock the objects back and forth, sending objects into different groups so you can swipe them.
Endless levels mean endless fun.
A great game for all ages. Excellent for eye-hand coordination. No skills required except good eyesight and a touch of patience.