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Far, far away in a distant galaxy where popping was outlawed for being too much fun, SpinieBop decided to explore the universe to find places where popping was still lawful. Using worm holes he travels to different lands so he can pop all day long.
Gravity stars push SpinieBop in all directions, you use the joystick counter the force of gravity to guide where you want SpinieBop to go. SpineBops eyes look in the direction you want him to move.
When the worm hole stops spinning, bonuses will appear, guide SpinieBop too them and they will pop giving you bonus points.

SpinieBop will explode when he either;
Touches or get too close to the wormhole when it is spinning.
Is outside the wormhole when it is spinning.
Does not pop at least 1 bonus within 2 worm hole open and closes.

Translated into 9 languages English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, German, Spanish and French

Full version gives you;
Extra bonus if you pop all six bonuses.
Fruit, Space, Zombie and Water themes.
No advertising.
Pay once, get it all.