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January 1st, 1982. Slater High School has been surrounded by a mysterious freezing mist that has made escape impossible. First the adults disappeared and then most of the girls. There are only 16 of you left and the evil Gholas are among you.

As Head Girl you must use the skills of your remaining troop of fellow students to unmask the evil Gholas and the terrifying serial killer Violet, so you can eliminate them all and save the school! But the Gholas have a few tricks of their own...

A turn based horror strategy game from the developer of 'Slaughter Horse', 'Slaughter School' is an exciting reboot of the original game with improved AI, more detail, more music and lots more creepy fun!


Note: 'Slaughter School' does -not- contain jump scares or gory imagery. However, there are descriptions of mayhem and murder and spooky audio that may not be suitable for the young or those of a sensitive disposition.