Shape Time!

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Category: Puzzle
Availability: Released
Shape Time! is a deceptively simple, fun, and addictive game. Just catch the falling shapes with the shapes bar by matching the shape and color. Use the paintbrush power-up to paint all the shapes the same color. Use the clock power-up to slow down the falling shapes. It looks easy but is it?

Challenge your focus, reaction time, and hand-eye coordination with Shape Time! Earn a Bronze, Silver, or Gold Badge with your hi score. Brag about your Badge on Facebook and add yourself to the Leaderboard to see how you stack up against players from around the world.

Bronze Badge: 75-124 points
Silver Badge: 125-174 points
Gold Badge: 175+ points

Shape Time! is FREE to play. You can purchase power-ups, more lives, and infinite lives with ads removed.