Santa 'Chimney' Drop

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Category: Arcade
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Santa is falling out of control!! Use your lightning fast reflexes to avoid incineration, squashing and blood sucking to save Christmas!!
Santa Drop is a fast paced falling platform game. You will encounter several obstacles that will try to stop you from delivering your presents.
Bricks - Who build these chimneys?? Avoid these random bricks or become a Santa pancake!
Fireballs - The chimney fire is out of control and spitting fireballs in your direction! Avoid the fireballs or Santa will roast alive!
Bats - This thing hasn't been cleaned in years! Avoid bats, those suckers are hungry! Get too close and they'll drain the blood from Santa..oh no!
Santa Drop features a global leader board. Become the greatest maneuvering Santa and earn the highest score!
Challenge your friends!
Seriously, this game is hard! But don't throw your phone, that costs money. Luckily this awesome app doesn't!
Now start falling! playing! Download this app now!