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Rush to Adventure is a retro fantasy speedrunning adventure. Inspired by classic NES titles like Zelda, Mario and Castlevania. You awaken on the shore of a cursed island. Your only way off the island is to fight the monsters and lift the curse.

- Exploration and action -
The game is divided into two parts. You explore the non-linear island in a top-down view. This is where you talk to islanders, visit shops etc. The levels are played as a side-scrolling platformer. You must reach the end of the level or fight a boss to unlock more parts of the island.

- Adventure and speedrunning -
Slay monsters to gain xp and level up. Collect coins to buy items and weapons. At the end of each level you are scored and receive a rank. Play for the adventure or replay levels for better times and higher scores, to improve your rank.

Highly replayable through ranking system and 4 difficulties
- 41 levels (6 types: fields, forest, cave, tower, graveyard and temple)
- 5 golem mini-bosses and 4 bosses
- 9 high quality retro NES style songs
- 14 different swords, shields and armors
- 4 attributes to level up (strength, health, stamina and speed)
- 3 unlockable abilities (Dive Attack, Power Attack and Sprint)
- 8-bit NES style graphics and gameplay