Rogue Machine

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Category: Action
Availability: Released
Battle your way through 300 hundred procedurally generated levels spread across eight galaxies in this 3rd person arcade style sci-fi rogue like

Dodge laser defences, force fields and mines as you fight over over fifty enemy types to fight, all armed with deadly laser guns, rocket launchers, laser swords and power hammers

Pilot hover cars and space rockets, dodging and weaving through narrow tunnels and dense asteroid fields
- Level up your character
- Earn experience by completing missions and collecting coins
- Use experience to increase your character's stats
- Collect weapons and gear such as rockets, force fields and melee combos to aid in your fight

Unlock arcade games by collecting coins
- Play dedicated melee combat and space flight games
- Arcade games come with new game plus and a new game plus plus mode which add extra levels
- Finish the game and unlock the new game plus mode that present tough enemies from the very first level

Use keyboard, game pad and touch screen controls