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Category: Arcade
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The game features the following:
- Game designed for touchscreen smartphone and tablets.
- 3D scenario scrolling simulated by 2D. Very effective retro-look!
- All controls using touch screen, no button or joystick (virtual or real), only swiping and touching the screen.
- Help screens included.
- Nice graphics with 3D appearance (Outrun(TM) or Super Hang-On (TM) like)
- Ever changing road with curves of different difficulty, and straight segments.
- Many enemies and obstacles, including moving and fixed cars, walls, pyramid, row of cones, up&down moving blocks, tires and others.
- Bonuses (jumping over obstacles), score multipliers, checkpoints and pickups (light globes) set at different heights.
- Sudden 90 degrees turning with impressive effects.
- Nice music loops and real motorbike sounds.
- 20 levels to start with...and many more to come.
- Internet and device-local scoreboard. Name, score and reached levels are saved both to Internet and locally.
- Training mode: you are free to play and do training on a single level, chosen by you (no blocked levels!). Records for each level are stored locally.
- Racing mode: you start at level 1. You must advance as much as possible, and your record is published on the web. Best 100 players score are recorded.
- Number of attempts (lives) depends on level difficulty.