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Inspired by the 1980's Snakman game for the Commodore VIC20 ! Snakman was originally by Microdigital and similar to Pacman, but more FUN!

Move around the grid, eating the dots to complete the level. Power dots allow you to eat the monsters, but for a limited time only. Be warned, only monsters on screen at the time the power dots are eaten can be eaten! New monster that appear will eat you !

Collect the ghosts and for every 10 ghosts, receive an extra life!

Games are timed, so no hiding.

You have 3 life's.... or more if your good :)

You have 3 control methods to choose from, fixed arrows on screen, moving arrows that follow you, or swipe screen, which comes with an additional calibrate option. All controls act the same and they are as original as can be, simply swipe/touch and at the next opportunity you will go that direction, helps to plan your moves ahead!

Happy munching!