Repton 2

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Category: Puzzle
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Repton 2 is one of our most popular games, bringing spirits, cages, transporters, skulls, guardian skulls, savepoints, starports and puzzle pieces into the familiar Repton mix!

All the official Repton 2 scenarios have been thoroughly tested and they can definitely be completed. If you would like any help, please visit:

This new version of Repton 2 includes several features that have been requested by Repton players:
* game progress can be saved at any location.
* classic, mid-range or modern graphics can be selected.
* classic or modern sound effects can be selected.
* classic, intermezzo or modern music can be selected.
* maps are available for all levels, and all of the maps can be moved and zoomed in and out.
* Immortal Repton options can be chosen including infinite lives and immortality to specific hazards.
* infopoints in the introductory Welcome scenario to ease new players into the game.

Here are some of the comments about Android Repton 2 from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store 5-star reviews:
"Repton is still the best game ever!" / "a truly classic 'game of the century' that has certainly seen through the test of time. For me there isn't a game out there that comes within a light year of Repton 1 & 2 for gameplay and exercising the brain." / "This iOS game has it all. Nice save/load game feature. Thank you so much for this. The 'custom Repton' features are great, particularly turning off the requirement for collecting earth, and the invincible Repton is great for young players who are less capable with the controls." / "Superb - as always" / "My policy is always to purchase the full level packs. This saves money in the long run and in my view represents incredible value for money." / "Absolutely delighted that Repton 2 has been released and the developers have done an outstanding job porting it to the iPhone - it's faithful to the original, runs smoothly, looks great and is really enjoyable to play. Could not have asked for better! I own all 3 of the iOS Repton titles and they are all amazing value: if you buy all of the available scenarios you get hundreds of hours of puzzle solving action from the gentle to the mind-bending" / "When I have finished Repton 2 and the remaining 8-10 levels I have on the other two games, I'm going to start begging them for 'Repton 4'" / "The game is an absolute classic, with cunning puzzles and inter-connected levels" / "Excellent game and support!" / "Highly recommended!" / "It's still one of the greatest games ever" / "Love all the Repton games!!" / "Really, really great game, and so true to the original." / "it translates well to a touch screen and it's just as good on a phone, a tablet or PC. Perfect." / "great game and great customer service" / "As one of the first to complete the original (on the BBC), I was hoping for the best. I was not disappointed! This is a fantastic game and this Android version is in my opinion faultless. I've invested in all the levels and I'm expecting to spend many hours trying to complete them all. If you remember and liked the original, you'll love it. Good job Superior Interactive." / "Same fantastic quality as the other Repton games from Superior, thoroughly enjoying solving the many puzzles."

The game has some easy levels as well as more challenging ones, so it’s ideal for everyone from children to seasoned puzzlers!

In-app purchasing via the in-game store offers new scenarios to Repton 2 fans:
* Mega Bundle: a value pack containing all of the extra scenarios, comprising 240 Repton 2 levels in total!
* 10 scenarios ranging from relatively easy to very challenging: Castle, Message (Classic & Modern), Loch, Shrine, Playground, Labyrinth, Caverns, Volcano, Fjord and Jungle.
* 2 bonus scenarios: Notebook and Memories.

Repton began as a BBC Micro game by a talented 16-year-old called Tim Tyler. This was followed by several sequels, and our award-winning Repton range has achieved collective sales of over 125,000 units across computer systems including the BBC Micro, Acorn Electron, Commodore 64, Sinclair ZX Spectrum, Windows PC, iOS and Android!