Prove Your Worthiness

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Category: Puzzle
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Do you have the speed of a ninja?
Do you have what it takes to show off the quickest of reflexes?

We invite you to a challenge of patterns, memorization and speed.
Show the world you belong among the ranks of the elite by uploading
your quickest times to the Leaders Board.

Start out with the White Belt, and work your way to achieve the Black Belt.
Bust through walls of wood, walls of bricks and stone to Prove Your Worthiness.

And then when you've obtained that elusive Black Belt; you battle Crow Black Bird
to show him who the real Black Belt Champion is.

Take the time to learn the patterns, and then exercise the pattern against three time trials.

Are you ready for the trials?

Then after you face Crow Black Bird, you get a chance to master the Sensei Challenge.
In the Sensei Challenge, you get only 24 seconds to execute three patterns.

The first pattern you face is already familiar to you from Crow Black Bird's Challenge but the other two are completely new patterns.

Prove to yourself and to the world that you have what it takes. Accept the challenge and 'Prove Your Worthiness'.