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Category: Board
Availability: Released
A classic board game with simple rules based on genetic algorithms, allowing an unimaginable number of combinations and strategies. Different levels of difficulty are available. At any moment, a position can be shuffled randomly to obtain an original position on the board.

The aim of the game is to take the king from the opponent. The following pieces are available:

- a short rook can 1 square orthogonally (like a rook in chess).
- a long rook can be orthogonal by any number of squares (like a rook in chess)
- a short bishop can be 1 square diagonally (like a bishop in chess)
- a long bishop can be diagonal by any number of squares (like a bishop in chess)
- an officer can diagonally or straight, but only by 1 square

The king may move diagonally and straight, but only forward (he may not move backwards). The king cannot discard any pieces.

Pieces may cancel each other out. A tie occurs if no piece is eliminated within 20 moves.