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Everyone knows and loves Bingo. Whether you are a die-hard Bingo enthusiast, casual holiday player, or simply join in when you're in the right place at the right time, most people have to confess to playing the odd game or two. More importantly, it forms part of the repertoire of many fundraising events.

Orchestrated Entertainment Bingo follows the ethos of this range of fundraising games, by allowing the compère to inject new technology into old games, without being tied to and diverted by the technology. Swipe and orchestrate your way to a great evening of entertainment, with stunning visuals not usually experienced by this type of social game.

Socialising is an integral part of all organisations. Whether you represent a church, school association, sports club or charity, it is essential your members, families, friends and communities get together and have fun. Bingo is one of our socially-oriented games that facilitate this ethos, and ensures you do it with style.

Integrate locally sponsored advertising in our easy-to-use software, and present stunning visuals to entertain your audience and ensure they come back time and again to have fun and raise cash for your cause.