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Dodge the spiders, jump the barrels, eat the apples, collect the coins and jewels. Before Newton invented gravity he had a little known career as a fortune hunter.

There are three ways to play Newton, tilt, touch or swipe your way through 40 levels of face paced action.

For the first three times the game is started, graphical instructions/demonstration shows the user how to play.

Tap the apples before they hit Newton, swipe the screen to jump the barrels and in later levels, punch the spiders to protect Newton.

Over 12 beautifully illustrated backdrops, help bring Newton to life.

See what players are saying :-

"Simple idea but very addictive. My nephews fight over my iPhone to play it. And love scaring their Aunty with the spiders."

"Keeps the kids entertained for hours (not bad for killing time on the train either) - great graphics and the big spiders are scary too"

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