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Arcade-puzzle platform game with vertical scrolling. Guide you 8-bit character with glasses and hat through the lost caverns to find your way out. Collect coins, bombs to beat the boss, clocks or food to increase your time and energy. Hit all targets with the ninja star you find along the path and then you can exit the level using the topmost ladder. Collect power-up to increase your athletic skills.
First version include 10 levels, 4 bosses, and a lot of enemies and natural obstacles (waterfalls, magma lakes, tornadoes). Proceed like Tarzan or Indy using stairs, moving platforms, ropes to swing onto, and a lot of other gadgets.
Defeat the big funny boss at the end of 2 or 3 levels, using bombs and ninja star.
A lot of fun is awaiting for you.
More levels, boss and enemies to come...
You can even download new levels and bosses from the Internet.
One additional level and one more boss are already available, more to come!
An Internet scoreboard is available to register your record and your name.