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Ever been insanely bored, maybe you were waiting for a download to finish, or waiting for the train to arrive, or watching Home and Away?
This game is made for just those moments, and you need to be fast, really fast.
This game is hard, it's the Most Difficult Game.

You have just 10 seconds.

The idea is that when you've got just a couple of minutes (like waiting for your new YouTube video to upload), you can whip out Most Difficult Game and beat that pesky high score.

Use your ninja flicking finger skillz and your ultra fast reflexes!

1. When you're bored
2. When you're sitting on the toilet
3. When you're watching Home and Away
4. When you're waiting for the school bus to arrive
5. When you're on the train to work
6. When you're skydiving
7. When you're ice skating
8. When you're over Flappy Bird

When you're watching SpongeBob SquarePants
When you're a secret spy for the CIA and you're stalking somebody
When you're listening to Weird Al