Moon Snaker

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Category: Arcade
Availability: Released
Welcome to Moon Snaker, a fun twist on the old phone favourite, snake. This time you aren't a small snake in a small garden, you are a huge space snake!
Guide your snake around the galaxy, collecting stardust to feed your snake and your protective energy field. Capture areas and move on along, until you have conquered the entire Galaxy! Beware of asteroids, they can kill you in a head on collision. You can however, smash them to pieces with your highly armoured tail! Even the vacuum of space can kill you, if you leave your protective bubble for too long! Be careful out there!

10 levels of space action!
Customisable difficulty
Tilt or virtual joystick controls.
Automatic saving. The game keeps track of your best level, and allows you to continue from the last level played.
Winner of TGC Snakesnacker competition.