Micro Maze

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Category: Puzzle
Availability: Released
A dynamically generated maze puzzle game, and a fun way to exercise your brain!

+ FREE for iOS & Android. Watch reward adverts to unlock robots and maze themes. No in-app purchases.
+ 3 difficulty levels, suitable for all ages.
+ 7 robots to unlock, 11 maze themes to unlock, and 4 music tracks.
+ Mazes are randomly generated, so are different every time you play.
+ Save your progress at any point to continue later.
+ Share a maze code with friends or on social media so you can compete to get the best time on the same maze.
+ Feeling stuck? Click the hint button to watch a reward advert and see where to go. Be quick though as the solution path will fade out after a few seconds.

The brain can be thought of as a muscle that benefits from exercise. Solving mazes can help both children and adults to improve focus, increase concentration and enhance memory over time.