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MagiSponge is an easy to use creative app which allows children to learn through play, on both large screen mobile phones and tablets. Whilst playing, your child will quickly learn about color, design and hand eye coordination with fun pictures to paint, without having the worry of painting outside the lines of the image!

MagiSponge is a kids coloring book with a twist, designed for pre-school children but loved by all.
Watch your child's face light up with the fun world of color and magic!
See them use the set of textured sponges to wash the screen, magically revealing the color of the picture to save and show their friends.

- Color fun pictures without worrying about painting outside the lines!
- Learn the exciting world of magic and color.
- Use textured sponges to create magical effects.
- Great for hand eye coordination.
- Lots of pages to color with many more available as in app purchases

Have fun and enjoy the world of color whatever your age!