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Lost-Hero is an Indie 2D top-down, solo-player, fully mouse-driven medieval mystery RPG. It has an MMO-style persistent and immersive world map, from where you can discover and "zone" into various dungeons to do battle. You will need to do quests, fight many monsters, and collect items and equipment to help you level your character up high enough to work out the mystery of why you are here and how to get back home.

Synopsis - The basic premise is that you have been pulled from your normal everyday life, and somehow transported instantaneously, and against your will, to an unknown and possibly hostile land. At the start of the game, you find yourself alone on a dark woodland path leading to the South. It would seem your Quest is to find out why this has happened to you, and hopefully how to return safely home.

Mystery - The land you find yourself in is unlike anything you have seen before, and seems to be Medieval in its appearance. Along your Journey, you will need to learn and increase all your skills, even learning magic to help you survive in this ultimate challenge.

Game Features
• Medieval Mystery RPG
• 2D Top-Down View
• Fully Mouse Driven
• Real-Time Combat
• Solo Character
• Persistent Gaming World
• Giant World Map to Explore
• Zone into 14 Dungeons
• Magic Teleport Portals
• Magic Buff Orbs
• 101 Quests to Complete
• Quest Target Radar Arrows
• 100 Spells to Learn
• 100 Levels of Game Play
• 178 Monster Types
• Extensive Inventory System
• Weapons, Armour and Jewellery
• Most Items are Damageable
• Fabled and Magic Items
• NPC's, Vendors, Bank & Guard
• 1 Mysterious Cat
• 1 Big Secret to Uncover
• Day & Night Cycles
• Weather Types
• 3 Difficulties of Game Play
• Customizable Character Size
• Full PDF Game Manual
• In Game Encyclopedia
• Monster Factions
• 100+ Hours of Game Play
Instructions - To move your Character, right click the mouse button on the ground. Also, use the right mouse click to quick sell at Vendors. To control every other aspect of the game use the left mouse button! For full details on how to play the game, refer to the Lost-Hero game manual located in the games "Documents" folder.