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Category: Arcade
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The characters from the deviously challenging PC platformer are back for an all new ridiculous adventure. Being the pathetically vulnerable little eggy that you are, you must carefully navigate your way through endless waves of platforms and hazards as you plummet towards inescapable death.

If you fall too far before landing on a platform or are unable to transcend from a platform quick enough, you're gonna CRACK! Along the way, watch out for an increasing number of springs, spikes, saws, lasers and other obstacles that are sure to CRACK you up. The longer you survive the faster you will have to SCRAMBLE to avoid the inevitable. Okay, enough with the wiseCRACKS! x_x

As you plummet uncontrollably, you can collect magical spinning stars to increase your score and spawn protection if enough have been collected. Collectibles will also appear to assist and interfere with your journey. Each of the seven existing worlds has its own unique properties and challenges. You can collect some serious coinage as you transition from world to world.

Major Features

* 7 unique and increasingly challenging worlds (good luck reaching the later worlds!)
* 10 different eggy characters derived from the original Little Eggy game
* A variety of enemies, dangerous collectibles and powerups
* Randomized levels, collectibles and and hazards every time
* Game Center enabled so you can see just how your eggy compares to the rest
* Optimized for retina display (iPhone 4+, iPod Touch 4+)