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Legend tells of a fleet, adventurous creature who came upon a strange being near the Sacred Stones that offered to summon Song to the world, and a promise of gold to anyone who could bring forth the juciest Fruit in the realms post-haste as required by The Ritual.

"While diminutive, you do seem a bounding, energetic thing. Shall i send you Beyond to do my bidding?"

~The Summoner

#MyFirstPlatformer Made with AGK for the 2023 20 Second Game Jam, Legend of Song is a single-screen platformer cramming as much fun into 20” as possible.

Find the Key in each level to unlock the Chest and reveal the Fruit; Collect it before the 20 Second Timer expires to continue the Song (and grab as much Loot as you can along the way!)


  • Fast-paced Action across multiple Locales

  • Online High Score Ladder

  • Keyboard and Controller Support

  • Old-School FUN!

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