iTrippin' Optical Illusions

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Category: Puzzle
Availability: Released
Take your eyes on the ultimate journey by allowing your mind to visibly distort the environment around you. In just 30 to 60 second hypnotic doses, these custom developed mind illusions will create endless entertainment and wonderment for you and your friends--using only the app and your bare eyes!

Inspired by hallucinogenic effects and age-old visual illusions performed by stage hypnotists and illusionists, iTrippin' uses custom developed effects and visual stimuli to create a completely safe and harmless gateway into temporary surrealism between your eyes and the environment.

Below are descriptions of all currently available "potions" included in this app:

* Warped Out: This moving stripe illusion may seem strange and disorientating at first. Similar to effects seen in traditional mirror fun-houses, the warped optical illusion after the dose will briefly turn anything you look at into a moving blob of ever-changing madness!

* Zoomify: Upon execution of this illusion, anything that you are looking at will begin stretching and growing before your eyes. The further away you glance, the more exaggerated the effect may seem. If you are in a small room, this illusion can also give the peculiar impression that the walls are closing in on you!

* Fisheye: Much like the lenses of the same name, this illusion will distort the objects in your vision by shrinking them, as if being sucked into a black hole. This has the exact opposite effect as Zoomify.