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In this game through the mainline of gaining pricy gold ingots and iron ones 5 cent pents opening placed Chests and buying to compare to potion affects and feeding caricature and taking hart healthy medicine to raze health for your experience in the maps if 17 of them is the goal to gain as much as you can before time runs out to pend to the next map obstacles to avoid against vary to blamy fireworks tnt spike sets torches and time ? is an obstacle gain as much as you can till the next map find every thing in the map by moving around while things vary use the paddern to exceed to the next map like depleted health time running out to start out with 20000 score so you can buy the items in the store like invincibility potion fire deduction potion to protect you from torches they burst fire so don't fireworks tnt does as well to win is to steady play game as you vend through the time to play the end is shutting it down for a nother time through this experience you'll see maps with gold ingots iron ingots fireworks tnt spikes coins 5 pents and Chests game has these things set in to is game play in a season the maps will appear in random random is funner the best score is how many times you have played the game to even be bord of it take this to mind