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A long time ago in an oriental land there was an enormous magical treewearing an enormous crown. On the tree there is a village where all kindsof fruit live, they defend the tree year after year.

Near to the tree there was an evil mausoleum. In the mausoleum therewere many corpses of evil creatures kept in check only by the magicalpower of the tree. The elders said that the tree could only suppressthe corpses for one thousand years and now that time is almost up. The emperor of the corpses will soon awake and will stop at nothing todestroy the great tree which has suppressed him and his army for athousand years. A brave young man named Yiwan will lead the fight against the evil horde.

Game Features:
1. Ancient evil oriental corpses.
2. Exciting and interesting control and attack method.
3. Each fruit has many skills to master.
4. Upgrade each fruit to increase it's power.
5. Superb and unique graphics and style.
6. Cool achievements system.
7. Shh, it's a secret...

This unique new game is ready and waiting to be downloaded and played
with many interesting features!

Brave Fruit Warrior, the army of corpses will come! Use many different
skills to defend the great tree and the people of this magical land!