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The beavers dam is being washed away! Your job is to leap across lily pads collecting coins in a bid to find the elusive beaver and build up your score!

The more the dam erodes, the faster the river flows... you need to be quick on your toes!

Collect coins, which in turn give score power up's. The more score power ups, the bigger your score increases!

Jump over the wood.... jump the burning wood and receive extra points! careful to time it right, as hitting a wood could stun you and too many stuns will eventually take a life.

The elusive beaver will come along.... and if you can collect the beaver, the beaver will repair some of the dam, which in turn, slows the river down..... giving you some breathing space..... but only for a while!

Your going for distance. 5 high scores are recorded and the controls for moving are on-screen, simply press to move in the chosen direction. You can exit the game at the top-left of the screen.

Drop off the end of the screen, you go to Froggy heaven! 3 life's later..... game over.

Good luck Froggy!