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Welcome to the world of Freddy Fart Fart.

Your journey starts here. Visit and complete the 7 levels and earn your right to take on the infamous level 8! Work your way through the levels collecting all the coins. Once collected, find the key and then un-lock the lock. Only then will you have completed the level and Freddy can progress a step closer to the ultimate goal, level 8.

Freddy's only means of defence is to drop a ripe fart, momentarily stunning the flys or monsters, whilst Freddy then makes his escape.

Be careful on the spikes, water and lava, they will take a life. The bridges will wobble or disintegrate from under you.

Bonuses can be collected and you'll be rewarded randomly (levels 1 to 7):

1% chance of an extra life - to a maximum of 3.

30% chance of Score Multi x 20... 30 second duration.

30% chance of Score Multi x 50... 30 second duration.

30% chance of Health - to a maximum of 4.

10% chance of 20 extra farts for Freddy!

If you reach level 8, you'll recieve an extra life (if needed) and 20 more farts per bonus collected.

Freddy is loaded with 400 ripe farts, 3 lifes and you can submit your scores to the world scoring table. Freddy Fart Fart comes with the option to select your virtual joystick layout and also switching the music and/or fx sounds on/off. You can view the top 10 world scores too.

Try any level in any order, except level 8, which is to be completed last. Your farts and Lifes last for the whole game, not just the level and will reset everytime you start a new game, so go easy and use those farts wisely.

Get ready for a farting good time !!

Good luck Freddy!