Fix-Five Pro

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Category: Board
Availability: Released
Fix-Five Pro - A challenge for your mind.
The game is a 5 in a row type of game.

The game board consists of 99 fields counting from 1 to 99 like this


And the game consists of 98 cards with values from X to 99 where X can be a value between 1 and 98.
The player draws a card. Lets say the card says 48 to 99.

Then all fields on the game board from 48 to 99 is highlighted.
The player must the select one of these highlighted fields.
Then the next player draws a card and does the same.

The player that gets 5 fields in a row is the Winner.
You can get 5 in a row Horizontal, vertical and diagonal.

The game can be player with up to 5 players, human or computer controlled.
There must be at least 2 player to start a game.

Music and sounds can be disabled/enabled inside the game.

This game is also on Amazon App Store.