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Category: Adventure
Availability: Released
Faraway is a 2D top-down survival/adventure game in development, for Windows, Mac & Linux.

Some of the features the game has include:
- Randomly generated island to play on.
- Collect & gather resources, use them to craft items & tools.
- Progress through different tiers of tools/items to unlock items & upgrades.
- Collect ingredients, hunt animals and/or make your own farm. Cook food, process it, bake etc.
- Build structures and objects using a grid system.
- Build houses with a carpentry tool, both exterior and interior building.
- Hint system will help you learning the game mechanics.
- Day/night system with help of the L2D Light System by baxslash.
- Monsters appear at night, create a base to avoid them or fight them back.
- Find creatures around the island to hunt, and some might hunt you back! They can also be lured using a special food item.
- Animals can also breed, producing offspring!
- Full custom keybinding + controller support.*

*Controller support is Windows only at the moment.