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Category: Adventure
Availability: Released
Faraway: On Lost Isles is a 2D top-down survival/adventure game in development, for Windows, Mac & Linux.
Current in-development version available to download: 1.2

Generate a random layout on an island and survive. Collect & gather resources, use them to craft items and progress through different tiers of tools. Make sure to stay aware of the dangers of the night luring about on the islands..

Use the build mode to create craft stations, structures, and unlock the possibillity to build houses, farms, electrical devices and more.

Scout for various animals, which live their own lives on the island. Attract them with special food and create an animal farm.

Specify the textures of your house's walls and floors, and even paint them to your liking. Create a home with a bed to sleep at night.

Find structures on the islands containing supplies, enemies or even maybe information left behind. Visit a new island if you have the chance..

Create fish traps to catch fish, find a pet animal to be your companion, create electrical components to power your lights and machines...

...and much more!

The game has custom keybinding & controller support.*
(*Controller support is Windows only at the moment.
It does not have support for various text inputs in the game. There are a small amount of these, and you have the possibility to skip them. A future update will include the possibility to play the game with full controller support.)