Distant Lands

App Details

Category: Adventure
Availability: Development
Version: Beta 1.0

In Distant Lands you explore through different areas and landscapes, all while scavenging for items and tools, building camps & surviving. This is an open-world survival game where a lot is based on chance and randomness. How long can you survive? What will you encounter along the way?

Some of the things you can do in the game include…

- Collect and upgrade tools for defending yourself or collecting resources.
- Explore different lands, weather and climates like cold taigas, dry deserts or plain fields.
- Find and explore towns to buy items, do quests and travel.
- Interact with traders and strangers. ( ..or don’t, it’s up to you.)
- Craft a bow to hunt deer or use a fishing rod to fish.
- Build camps for the night to craft items and vehicles, cook food and sleep.
- Find dungeon caves and explore them for treasure.. but be prepared for what you might face!
- Make a campfire & upgrade it to sleep better, cook food or upgrade your tools.
- Collect up to 15 achievements!