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Birney feels a bit peckish ! Help him munch his way through a labyrinth full of delicious vegetables !

In Birney's Run, your goal is to eat as many vegetables as possible to get the highest score. But beware ! Four slimes are on their way and they will do their best to kick you out of the maze.

Birney's Run is easy to learn. After a quick tutorial, you'll know everything you need to compete with the best. The catch is that every level requires a different strategy ! Should you rush to the exit before there are too many slimes ? Or should you eat these crunchy carrots for extra points ? Think fast ! For every level is more difficult than the previous one !

Birney's Run features two different game modes :
_ "World challenge", in which the levels stay the same for 7 days. For 7 day, you will have the opportunity to play in the same levels as every other Birney's Run players. This mode offers you a chance to challenge your friends on even grounds ! Every 7 days, the layout of the labyrinth is changed to give you a new chance to sit at the top of the online world ranking.
_ "Random game", in which every level is a surprise. You'll never play the same game twice in this mode. It is all about improvisation !

This application is ad-supported but you can remove ads permanently for $ 1.19. That is the only in-app purchase item available. No need to pay to progress ! No way to pay to cheat !

This game is safe for everyone. It requires Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) or later to work properly. Technical support in French or in English.

_ Don't hesitate to tell Birney to move long BEFORE the turn or it's going to be too late.
_ pick up every vegetable in a level to get an extra life ! If you already have 3 lives, you get a massive bonus to your score !
_ There's a second input method in the option menu called "directional pad". It's more responsive and ideal for phones.
_ You risk losing your progress if you put the game in the background in the middle of the level. If you must do so, wait for the "Level cleared" menu : your game is automatically saved between levels.