TheGameCreators - $100 survey winners announced!

Our recent user survey poled hundreds of entries and provided us with some really valuable feedback and ideas. Thank you to everyone who took part, we're reading them all and using them in our development plans moving forward.

As promised we picked ten users at random, using an online random number generator, and awarded them each $100 for taking part.

Here's what a couple of the winners had to say:

"First off, I'm super honoured to get this prize! I have never won anything in any competition etc. until now. I'm loyal AppGameKit user and I'm very satisfied how you are asking for your users to give feedback and development suggestions to keep making your product better."

Aarni N.

"WOW!! Really!!!, Thank you so much!!!! In fact I am starting my first game design with GameGuru now, I really like your software it's so easy to do and understand and as a composer I'll get my demo reel out faster."

Ken S.