GameGuru MAX Early Access is now live!

TheGameCreators have today launched their new, easy to use 3D game-maker GameGuru MAX.

GameGuru MAX requires no coding knowledge and, with its intuitive tools and features, makes the creation of video games simple, quick and easy!

With the tools and assets provided in GameGuru MAX it’s possible to build the game of your dreams in just minutes!

Take a look at the intro video!

GameGuru MAX is released in Early Access and has a great development roadmap in place including adding RPG and Puzzle genres, as well as VR and Multiplayer – plus many more great features still to come!

GameGuru MAX features include:

  • Storyboard Editor
  • Terrain Generator
  • Level Editor
  • Character Creator
  • Game Object Library
  • Enemy and Ally AI
  • Visual Logic System
  • Environmental Effects
  • Model Importer

Plus, it has built in video tutorials, demo games showcasing gameplay, development techniques and more, which you can play or edit, and over 1200 models and assets.

Lee Bamber, CEO of TheGameCreators, said, “GameGuru MAX is the final culmination of many years developing game-making software. Back in our days at Europress Software we had the first game-making products in the market and over the years we’ve refined our knowledge and expertise to deliver a rounded game-maker that is super easy to use. Now anyone who has an idea about a video game can actually bring it to life.”

Rick Vanner, Development Director at TheGameCreators, said, “We’ve had excellent feedback and great input from our pre-order users since we launched the alpha version in February 2020. We're very excited about the future for GameGuru MAX – we have an awesome team and a great roadmap in place to ensure that it continues to be developed and improved.”

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